Product Review: Blue Light Glasses

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11 August 2019

By NEBeep

When you think of blue light glasses, you think of the huge, chunky, yellow-lens glasses which look like they’re straight out of a scientist’s cupboard! Well, you aren’t wrong in thinking that to a certain extent. Just like most technologies, everything has improved drastically since their first creation. It is the same for blue light glasses.

The claims companies who sell blue light glasses make are rather ambitious. Better quality of sleep, improved overall eye health, reduction of eye strain. Anyone who has heard these claims undoubtedly becomes curious about the product. Yet people remain highly uneducated about them at the same time.

Since they were first invented, these glasses have undergone some major aesthetic improvements. From the lens becoming transparent, to the wide variety of frames available to entice customers in, there’s a lot to blue light glasses now.

If you have experienced dry, irritated and itchy eyes, then these claims of improved eye health are extraordinary. But the claims are not always true…

Almost every person who has a smartphone, TV or computer will experience digital eye strain. So, being able to block out the blue light which is mostly associated with technology is amazing. But, what many people are unaware of is that the majority of blue light that enters your eye is actually from the sun.

Your body associates this light with being awake and therefore, at night, the blue light emitted from artificial light will in fact disturb your sleeping pattern. This can cause a lack of sleep and strain to the eyes.

Blue light glasses are useful in a multitude of ways and, in fact, the claims of a better quality and more restful sleep are viable. Personally, after trying blue light glasses, I would definitely recommend them for any avid everyday technology users. They will definitely improve your eye health, and with the endless variety of styles available, you won’t struggle to find a perfect match.

By Grace M, a student at St Thomas More Catholic School

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