12 Lists of Christmas: Top Ten Beep Stories of 2021

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18 December 2021

By NEBeep

Here at Beep/Bringing Words to Life, we pride ourselves on providing a platform for young writers to nurture their writing skills, which obviously encouraged our final list to feature our top stories of the year. Whether it be reviewing the latest blockbuster or tackling issues that really resonate with our writers and in turn educate our ever-growing audience, we aim to provide our readers with content they can enjoy and trust.

This year we have seen 626 stories published to the site from 29 writers scattered around the country covering a vast array of topics from mental health to COVID to the various scandals linked to Durham university and our government. The site has also guided readers to watch and listen to the best in film, TV and music with some extremely positive and on occasion, not-so-positive reviews.

Shining a light on these writers and their work – we opted to make the final instalment of our Twelves Lists of Christmas a testament to some of the most read and informative content to feature on the site. A tough job when you have over 600 to sift through.  We don’t feel these articles require an introduction, their links just deserve to be clicked upon. So, in no particular order, here are the stories that made the top ten.

TV Review: HBO’s Mare of Easttown by Holly White


Five Ways We Can Be More Sustainable by Josh Partington


The Reality of Young People’s Mental Healthcare Today by Lauren White


Racism: What More Should Universities Do? by Michaela Makusha


Film Review: No Time To Die by Fraser Smith


Unemployment devastation hitting young men by Aoifke Madeleine


Why You Should Pay Attention to Formula 1 by Aisha Sembhi


Album Review: Red (Taylor’s Version) by Tabitha Wilson


What is autism? by Fraser Smith


Long Working Hours Killing 745,000 a Year Report Finds by Lauren White



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