A message to Kim Kardashian

12 May 2018

By Lauren E. White

All of the time we hear people banging on about body confidence and whatever empowers one woman is great for all women. But there’s something I need to say. And I need to send a message to Kim Kardashian.

Before I begin my long-winded episode of I Don’t Want to Keep up with the Kardashians and their Unrealistic Waists, I feel I need to put out a disclaimer for anyone who thinks this is anti-feminist. It’s not. If Kim Kardashian wants to use a waist trainer, she’s perfectly entitled to do so. Just as she is entitled to take her clothes off and post a selfie (sorry, Piers, but it’s true- Kim K’s body is her body).

Now that I’ve cleared that one up: a message to Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

If I could sit down with the empress that is Kim K, I wouldn’t ask her why she’s with Kanye or if she feels blessed to have her child from her surrogate as all the TV shows seem to do. I’d ask Kim Kardashian what exactly she’s trying to promote. Because everything about her is presented as flawless all of the time. There is never, ever a bad picture of Kim Kardashian. And recently, her Met Gala look exposed something quite terrifying to me.

Kim Kardashian has 111 million Instagram followers. And at the Met Gala, her dress left little in terms of figure to the imagination. And, yes, she looked very nice and all, but she also looked, to me, unrealistic. Once you grow up and realise that Kim K only looks like Kim K once the ‘glam squad’ get their hands on her and once that vibrating waist trainer has literally shifted her insides to make the bit above her hips and below her boobs as tiny as possible, things are no longer as ‘relatable’ as they once were.

Image result for kim kardashian waist

In a message to Kim Kardashian, I’d ask her if she knows millions of young girls look up to her, and if she thinks that it’s realistic for them to aspire to have a bum the size of Russia and a waist the circumference of a cucumber. Because, newsflash, it’s not. Regardless of what you think about weight and body confidence, it’s unhealthy to have a waist too thin, and when you don’t have the money and the ‘glam squad’ Kim K does (but still have the pressure), things get tricky.

Many young girls who follow Kim Kardashian don’t have the money or the team of make-up artists armed with brushes, ready to marinade that face in all-things expenisve and ‘correcting’. And with Kim K’s waist, many young girls will splash out their little bit of pocket money to buy a snide waist trainer to make their organs shift a bit to make room for the pressure of society. And they might stop eating and start squatting while they’re at it.

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Kim K’s Met Gala look reminded me of Barbie – and we all know what I think about her. The tiny waist, the big boobs and the big bum – Kim K is Barbie personified, only she can walk, menstruate and she advocates diversity.

It’s scary to think that the inspiration of young girls today is Kim Kardashian and her body, which has been changed and morphed from the very beginning of her time in the public eye. So, Kim, please do them a favour and let the young girls know that life isn’t all about looking like you. It’s not about the glam squad or training your waist. If you care an ounce for them, let them know how you ended up looking as you do.

Please, Kim. If not for them, for your two daughters.

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